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I am an experienced entrepreneur and inspiring business leader who has successfully grown a number of innovative and award-winning technology businesses. I seek to develop a clear strategic vision for a business, sharpening propositions, mitigating risks, building sound commercial models and then pursuing that vision with a single-minded determination. My style is to provide calm and authoritative leadership, inspire others and build high trust relationships to encourage people to give their best.




Having good people isn’t enough in today’s competitive markets – you need to be able to leverage the knowledge and content within your business. To make the most of what you have needs a mindset change.

The Wall of Ideas


The clearer your vision on how you want your clients to perceive what you do, the more successful you will be. It’s that simple. Getting the vision razor-sharp, though, takes work and challenge….



Having a clear view of your purpose is probably the most critical element in how successful you will be. In business, that means clarity in why you are in business and how you will create value.
Clarity of purpose helps brings direction, focus and acceleration.

Business Meeting


Having an independent, objective, confidential and experienced business leader to bounce ideas off and seek support from can have a huge impact, accelerating your business and steeling your resolve


Explore what people have to say about me and what companies I have helped become successful



There’s a downloadable profile below with the facts on, so rather than offering some dull career history, perhaps I can try to state something about me that could help you decide whether to pick up the phone or not.

I did Civil Engineering as a degree but realised that I was at best average at complex maths and engineering, so switched my final year into project management, law, psychology, finance, and subjects requiring more verbiage and less sums. From there I joined ICL, working with customers on mainframes and new fangled programmes called “applications”, and soon realised that I wanted to do IT plans and business cases and organisational change – and so became an Account Manager. Which actually turned out to be a sales job in reality. But you had to be quite good at it so as not to get fired.

In fact I think I did fairly well, picking up a few awards and some respectable bonus, until someone decided I was so good, that I should take on selling to organisations that we had little hope of selling to. Tough times, some occasional fantastic results separated by months of failure and a life-course on resilience.

From there I joined a small exciting IT company, hoping to make a difference, but that went bust in a matter of weeks – so, together with some colleagues, I bought it and leaped from structured corporate life to owner-director roller-coastering. I stayed in that sort of world for a while, but stepped back into corporate life when my kids were born – and quickly realised that I’d become entrepreneurial and so set out to revolutionise my new employer. To be fair, I had a good go, creating a SAP practice that grew from 4 to about 250, and coming up with a proposition for delivering a managed SAP service on a £/user basis to Councils, that became quite famous. That business floated and was acquired and I was made redundant – good in retrospect as is often the case – and I then spent a year helping others with propositions, start-ups, offshoring and contracts until getting involved in a SAP risk management start-up based in Belfast that I ended up running, opening up in Dubai and Bangalore, winning multiple innovation awards, and ultimately selling to EY.

I was at EY for about 2 years, latterly leading the UK Advisory disruption and innovation drive, passionate about asset based consulting, until leaving to have a break and set up this, my solo mentoring business.

Along the route I gained a Private Pilot’s licence, trained as a reflexologist, took after my Dad as a chef, divorced and re-married, to an ex-international rugby playing horse-rider, inheriting her 3 children to get a total of 5, and somehow ending up with 8 horses. And 3 dogs.

And my purpose? Helping others – as a Princes Trust mentee, in the local hospice, as a husband and Dad, and as a business mentor.


Please email or call so we can discuss how I might help make a difference for your business

+44 (0)7802 573129

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