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Improve your recall and be more creative with mind maps

Tony Buzan came up with mind maps in the ‘60s and I started using them in the 80’s – and I am a total convert. I introduced them into my last business (to widespread ridicule) in 2008 – but most from that business now use them all the time – for planning a house build to meeting notes, from creative thinking to product design.

Mind maps are simple, easy to recall, and intuitive. You can do them with pen and paper, or with software. We used them for planning bids, product innovation, marketing strategy, problem resolution, taking notes at events to share with other back at base, client briefings and more.

I use them for holiday planning, designing presentations and notes for speeches (e.g. here giving my mind map augmented wedding speech…!) and loads more.

My preferred approach is software – and I use the feature-rich – which enables remote cloud based collaborative mind mapping, drag and drop editing (great for putting shape round a creative planning mind map), and export to PDF, Word and just about anything else you might want. And it works on IOS (for free), synching via DropBox. However there are loads of others, and many are freeware.

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