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I had the immensely good fortune to meet two SAP Security Consultants in 2008 who had started a technology business, were yet to win any business, and were open to strategic and commercial guidance. My first two questions of them were “what do you want this business to be?” and “why do you want to run this business?”. Within the following week we thrashed out the answers to those questions, completely reformed the business, and they offered me an equal share and asked me to be MD. Our newly defined focus inspired us and clients, and within weeks we had secured our first orders – from one of the largest global businesses!

That first week, and the clarity of purpose we battled to define, gave us clarity and direction that proved instrumental in us growing to become the global leaders in the specialist SAP based risk management market, and in our successful acquisition by EY within 7 years. The answers to the questions, in short? Firstly – to be best in the world in delivering SAP security, and secondly, to grow something that would be of value and enable a capital sale and exit within 8 years.

I love it when a plan comes together like that!


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